SPIE Polska Sp. z o.o.
Centrala Spólki
Wołoska 5
02-675 Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 430 83 00
Fax:+ 48 22 430 83 02
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The scope of services:

  • Inspections, repairs, maintenances and regulating installations
  • Periodic inspections, repairs, modernisations, expertise and inventarisations of air conditioning appliances: water chillers, refrigeration units, heat pumps, precision air conditioners, split type air conditioners, multisplit type air conditioners
  • Replacing water chillers
  • Control of relief valves' opening pressure (every 6 months pursuant to law regualtions)
  • Assessment of air conditioning appliances' energetic effectiveness
  • Control of cooling installations' leakage (with Oxygen Free Nitrogen or using the direct method with electronic leak sensors) 
  • Measurement of ventilation systems' flowrate

We hold F-Gas Company Certificate that entitles us to install, maintain and service of cooling and air conditioning appliances, heat pumps filled with F-Gas or controlled substance (ozone-depleting substance).

We also hold SEP qualifications in the scope of supervision and exploitation of electrical devices up to 1 kV, cooling appliances and heating appliances above 50 kV, compressors, compressed-air systems, industrial gas systems, gas installations and  appliances abova 5 kPa. Our service vehicles are fitted with sets of tools and a basic set of spare parts and consumables. Due to this we are able to reduce the time of failure recovery to the minimum.