SPIE Polska Sp. z o.o.
Centrala Spólki
Wołoska 5
02-675 Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 430 83 00
Fax:+ 48 22 430 83 02
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Facility management

Multi-technical service rendered inter alia through: inspections, repairs, modernisations, installations, providing continuity of facilities functioning. Our trained employees perform in compliance with the following principle: one supplier = comprehensive service. 

In an attempt to predict and apply adequate solutions, we negotiate respective operational activities and rates of effectivenes with you. Our experts watch over actualisation of legal requirements, changes in work safety regulations, etc. so as to provide you activities congruous with applied standards. 

Through ceaseless expanding of specialistic technical competences of our employees and the development of working tools, we provide high efficiency and continuous availability of services.

Our core activites beyond technical are:

  • making you feel secure and comfortable
  • enabling you focusing on your key activity
  • actively assisting you in increasing your efficiency
  • maximising the value of your resources